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A Brief History of ZimpleLearn.com

Zimplelearn.com is simple collection of different online learning platforms

We are Joni, Arttu and Rasmus, three friends who thought that the materials for self-development should be easily available and in the simple form. That’s the reason for creating ZimpleLearn.com. To help every independent learner to get fast access to online learning resources. At this point website has over 200 different online learning platforms and we are working hard exploring the web to find new ones for you to browse. That exploration process is also the simple story behind our company’s official name ”WebXplore Oy”.

We have learnt that learning is key to happiness and that internet is the best platform to keep individual’s learning habit active. Active mind equals happy mind!


We want to be able to create happiness to the people around the world. The zimplest solution that we came up with was to collect online learning platforms to one really zimple site. ZimpleLearn.com.


Also it is very important for us that people develop the right kind of mindset towards online learning so that they won’t quit when the first bump occurs. That is why Zimpleman creates content on social media that consists on very zimple but essential tips about online learning.


Late 2019 – Early 2020


At that time Joni was traveling in Asia and Rasmus was at his home in Finland. We were brainstorming the idea through the internet and in early 2020 we officially decided to start a company that would be based on the idea of promoting online learning to everyone.

April 27, 2020

Company was founded in Helsinki, Finland

Company was founded during the mass adoption of remote studying in 2020 and aims to provide the world with the simplest way to find relevant online learning platforms.

July 3, 2020

Zimplelearn.com was launched

Launch of a free e-Learning material library for the general public.


Working for our goals

We are currently exploring the web and sharing the results with you in our website and social media channels.

In the future

Being a major player in the field of promoting online learning

Zimplelearn.com will be the home base of online learning. Or in other words: The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of finding learning material online.



Zimpleman & CMO

Joni Parviainen

Rasse3 nelio

Zimpleguy & CEO

Rasmus Kanervisto

Arttu1 nelio

Zimplepal & CDO

Arttu Talvela

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